GPS Testimonials

It has been our privilege to work with many hospitals and facilities around the country and we are always honored when we receive a special note from clients. We’d like to share some of those with you below.

When Porter Health System decided to open an inpatient rehabilitation unit we were fortunate to have the expertise and experience of GPS Healthcare Consultants at our disposal. As we had learned in the past, this is a difficult task with many facets and their assistance was monumental in operating a successful program. GPS provided Porter with a good model that provided our staff with information on how to build a referral system, how to contact and communicate with physicians and how to admit to the program. They also offered ideas on ways to market our services to the community. GPS’s monthly on-site consultant presence guided us through our first year of operation and got the program up and running. As the program matures they continue to visit quarterly to assist us as necessary.

The guidance we received from GPS saved us months of independent work. As a result our unit opened on time and we obtained all accreditations and licensures. We operated above our budgeted average daily census our first year, and our census continues to be above expectations. The periodic audits GPS performs measures the progress we are making which, in my opinion, is one of the outstanding products they provide. Porter is very satisfied with GPS and we enjoy a great relationship with their staff. I would highly recommend GPS to anyone opening a new unit or needing assistance with an existing unit.

Bill Cummins, COO, Porter Health System
“When I was asked to turn our under-performing 25-bed inpatient rehab unit around or close it down I
knew we needed to move in a different direction. With no prior experience managing a rehab unit the task seemed monumental. Even though GPS Healthcare Consultants had already begun evaluating our program, we made key staffing changes and placed much more administrative focus on the program. When GPS performed an initial review, the results identified for several key success indicators were disappointing – low census, compliance issues and little to no referral development. The GPS consultant stepped in, took me by the hand and outlined a plan that illustrated where we were, where we needed to be and how we were going to get there.

For the next 2½ years our consultant did a tremendous job in showing us how a rehab unit can be a successful, functioning, profitable department. She spent time with our Medical Director, did chart reviews and met with our entire team to provide education and support. Our Program Director received the most benefit and our consultant was always available by phone to assist our staff. In the end, our compliance issues were fixed, referral development improved and our census grew from a low of 5 to 16-18 consistently. Because we learned to code correctly our revenue improved as well.

I learned so much from GPS and would certainly recommend them to assist with improving any or all aspects of an inpatient rehab unit.”

Paul Storey, Northwest Medical Center
“Working with GPS Healthcare Consultants has provided our facility with so many benefits, most notably the assistance we receive keeping up with CARF standards and FIM training. When visiting us on a quarterly basis, GPS reviews our CARF process and documentation and offers recommendations on how we can improve. The FIM training presented to our nursing and therapy staff was extremely helpful. Our FIM scores have improved and are now where they need to be. In addition, GPS reformatted all of our nursing documentation and assisted with our documentation process and forms — a huge project that was very successful.

A GPS consultant also visits quarterly to review our referral development program. A former Medical Director had her own system for referrals. Once a change was made in that position, our consultant re-directed our thinking to new practices and opened the door to new facility referrals and other patients that may need rehab.

GPS has been very good at sharing best practices regarding programs and services that have been successful at other facilities. Perhaps their greatest asset is their availability between visits. They are always available by phone or e-mail and get back to us immediately. They are never out of touch. I would absolutely highly recommend GPS to anyone considering consultant services.”

Chanda Flynn, Mary Black Memorial Hospital
When we were given the task of taking over the management of two rehabilitation units, we knew we would need assistance in certain areas to make sure these units ran efficiently. Right away we knew that referral development was an important aspect and we chose GPS Healthcare Consultants to assist us at St. Francis Cabrini in Alexandria, Louisiana.

The GPS consultant went right to work and analyzed the DRGs in our own acute care hospital. Her research showed that we would not receive enough neuro cases from our site alone and would have to depend on external referrals more than we anticipated. At her suggestion, we added a second liaison nurse to have presence in external markets on a daily basis.

Our experience working with GPS could not have been better. Census remains at our goal or higher, and our consultant left us with an abundance of educational materials and forms for marketing and tracking that have been extremely helpful to our staff.

The services GPS provided were well worth the money, and our costs were covered in only one or two admissions. I would definitely recommend GPS to others.

Cookie Gender, RN, MSN, CRRN, CHRISTUS St. Michael Rehabilitation Hospital
“I was asked by management to assess our 56-bed long-term care facility to determine the viability of LTC beds in our community, review swing bed usage and decrease costs of our current program. After issuing an RFP to various consulting firms we chose GPS Healthcare Consultants. GPS began by surveying other nursing homes in the area and researching staffing, admissions criteria and ADC. It was determined the community had a great need for LTC beds, and that swing beds were actually under-utilized. Our consultant provided one-on-one education to our staff and encouraged monthly evaluations of our program to review Medicare forms, cost containment measures and revenue enhancement. GPS gave us a better template to operate under and we now stand in a much better position for an audit. As a result of our work with GPS we opened a new 38-bed LTC facility that is managed more efficiently, is performing financially as budgeted and is needed in the community.”
Laura Domino, RN, MBA, Hammond-Henry Hospital
“Since we began working with GPS Healthcare Consultants, we learned firsthand how a consultant can educate our staff from the ground up on how to run a successful Medicare program. Our revenue was the focus from day one and our physicians and therapists are on board and well-trained. The GPS consultant never knows what I will present her with when she comes through the door, and exceeds our expectations in everything she does. She was my lifeline as I transitioned from an MDS Coordinator to a Director of Nursing, and always keeps us abreast of changes in regulations. We are blessed to have GPS looking after our needs.”
Shelly Hines, Seminole Manor Nursing Home
“When health care reform and cutbacks in reimbursement forced us to take a close
look at our expenditures, we decided to transition from using an outside management
company to managing our rehab program in-house. I knew we would need assistance
navigating the rules and regulations of managing our own program and chose GPS
Healthcare Consultants to help us because of their past experience and excellent

GPS developed a comprehensive transition plan and immediately identified and
trained a Program Director. They provided our staff with policy and procedure and
regulation training, successfully transitioned the staff to hospital payroll, and reviewed
our proforma, revenue and expenses to make sure we had sound projections.

Having the GPS consultant hold our hands through the entire process was invaluable.
Everyone associated with GPS was extremely professional and very accommodating.
Everything is going very well with our program and we are very pleased with the
relationship we have with GPS. I would recommend them without reservation.”

Brenda Williams, VP, Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg & Calhoun Counties
“After going through a particularly difficult audit three years ago our hospital was faced with re-payment of over $3 million in denials. Knowing that we treated many difficult cases in the appropriate manner, and having my own experience in appealing cases, I felt we should pursue the appeals process. As that process began, the administration at Touro identified GPS as a consultant with the experience and knowledge to assist us. In preparation for this multi-layered appeals process, GPS immediately helped us identify the features and combination of complexities that explained why these patients should have been admitted to our facility for treatment. They crafted and presented letters with careful and detailed wording and half of our cases were reversed in this initial procedure alone.

As we moved to the next phase of presenting our cases to an Administrative Law Judge, GPS did a very good job of keeping us objective, dealing with the task at hand and challenging our thought process. They developed a detailed timeline for each case that outlined the patient’s complications, the number of physician visits, etc. This document, along with a very succinct information sheet, gave a very graphic picture of exactly how the case progressed and became a powerful tool as we presented our cases to the Judge. GPS attended the hearings along with our staff and acted very professionally on our behalf.

In the end, Touro won all of the cases that were presented to the Judge and the hospital was able to recoup almost all of the money paid back in denials. It was a huge success and we were all very pleased with the outcome. Even though we have a very conscientious group of physicians at Touro who were well-prepared to work with a consultant, GPS brought a higher level of experience, knowledge and professionalism to the process and provided us with the guidance we needed to optimize our success.”

Gary Glynn, M.D., Touro Rehabilitation Center
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